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Scent Pods®

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Amber Vanilla Scent Pod®

Sultry sandalwood. Creamy amber. Warm vanilla.

Apple Leaf Scent Pod®

Crisp Granny Smith apple. Delicate pear. Fresh-cut grass.

Apple Pie Scent Pod®

Classic apple. Warm nutmeg. Comforting cinnamon bark.

Autumn Walk Scent Pod®

Enchanting jasmine. Woody musk. Spicy sandalwood.

Banana Nut Bread Scent Pod®

Baked banana. Crunchy walnuts. Delightful cinnamon.

Berry-Kiwi Kiss Scent Pod®

Tart berry. Refreshing kiwi. Sweet vanilla.

Black Rain Scent Pod®

Mysterious wood. Entrancing balsam. Fresh herbs.

Brown Sugar Cookie Scent Pod®

Scrumptious toffee. Warm brown sugar. Baked vanilla.

Caribbean Sky Scent Pod®

Tropical guava. Bright mango. Exotic greens.

Cherry Blondie Scent Pod®

Nutty almond paste. Natural vanilla. Tasty cherries.

Cherry Fizz Scent Pod®

Tart cherry. Tangy strawberry. Sparkling sugar.

Cinnamon Vanilla Scent Pod®

Spicy cinnamon. Sweet butter. Heartwarming vanilla.

Citron Eucalyptus Scent Pod®

Hint of apple. Sprouting green. Whispering patchouli.

Clean Sheets Scent Pod®

Fresh air. Natural wood. Aromatic herbs.

Coastal Reef Scent Pod®

Rejuvenating marine water. Wondrous jasmine. Serene coastal moss.

Coconut Angel Food Cake Scent Pod®

Unrefined vanilla beans. Decadent caramel accord. Heartwarming coconut wood.

Coconut Lime Verbena Scent Pod®

Tropical coconut. Smooth lime verbena. Creamy vanilla.

Coconut Mango Scent Pod®

Revitalizing coconut. Sweet mango. Tropical citrus.

Cranberry Orange Scent Pod®

Mouthwatering cranberry. Vibrant orange. Bold cinnamon bark.

Cucumber Melon Scent Pod®

Refreshing cucumber. Juicy melon. Light seasonal blossoms.

Dakota Fig Scent Pod®

Dewy figs. Frosted cypress. Cashmere wood.

Dragon Flower Tea Scent Pod®

Exhilarating lemongrass. Enchanting chamomile. Bold rooibos tea leaves.

Driftwood Scent Pod®

Rugged bergamot. Oceanic green leaf. Aged cedarwood.

Dryer Sheets Scent Pod®

Refreshing citrus. Clean lavender. Crisp patchouli.

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